Life is difficult. We live in an age where evaluating the quality of things has become muddled to the point of excruciating frustration. I myself was quite lost until one of my cats sat me down for a talk.

It turns out that my cat has a very particular worldview which he started expressing to me in brief chats. The existential angst I was feeling, the angst which I felt was the primary contributing factor to my health, emotional, and financial problems was “all bunk, pure and simple.” You see, to oversimplify for a moment, life really is about naps, kibble, nip, and not feeling shame in cleaning your butthole in public. Everything else that happens, the great joys and sorrows, should be taken in stride.

After a few chats, my cat got an odd look in his eye. I could tell he pitied me for my pathetic shortcomings. He suggested I start a blog where I could be the conduit for his teachings and spread the good news to a few other people before he or I kicked the big one and went to the litter box in the sky.

So that’s what “Cat Critic” is all about. I’ll let you know what I’ve seen and observed and where I’ve gone right or wrong according to my cat. “Life is impossibly hard for humans,” my cat said the other day. “But it doesn’t have to be.”

Maybe, maybe not. Thanks for dropping by.